Fall Clubs 2016 - Wednesday 

Wednesday clubs this Fall will begin on September 7th, and run eight Wednesdays to November 2nd. There is no meeting on October 19th, which has a Fall Family Night event at Evergreen.

Nature Art

3:45-4:45 grade range: K-2


Explore nature, make art, and feel inspired!

Each class we will explore nature, and create art using the natural world as our primary materials. We will make fairy houses, sculpture art, collage books, jewelry and other art pieces by letting nature teach and inspire us.

Instructor: Moriah Norris-Hale, former EverAfter Associate

Kinetic Kids

3:45-4:45, grade range: K-2


Jump rope, parachute games, big tag games, small tag games, kickball, running and racing and hopping and pacing! Let your child explore his or her energetic potenial in Kinetic Kids!


Instructor: Lauren Bursky, EverAfter Associate



3:45-4:45, grade range: 5-8

*Medieval Swordplay has a cost of $150


In this group, exclusively organized for older students, learn skills, honor, discipline, and teamwork! Each session will specialize in teaching the tactics for a different gear set, such as swords, spears, or archery. This older group will also take at least one trip off campus during the session.


Instructor: Phil Ferguson, http://wanderingswordsman.com/

Lights! Camera! Action!

3:45-5:15, grade range: 3-6


Whether you're a seasoned actor, just a ham, or always dreamed of acting on the big stage, here's your chance to gain acting, as well as personal/life skills and have a lot of fun while doing it! We'll delve into improvisation, with plenty of acting games both old and new, and also work on memorization, pantomime, script writing, character development and more!   


Instructor: Pam Hecht, EverAfter Associate and Evergreen parent


Pin Bombardment

3:45-4:45, grade range: 3-8


Have you played the classic dodgeball game at Evergreen?  Let the fun begin.  Join us in keeping dodgeball games healthy and positive, without the old school hurt feelings.  We will also play 2 other dodgeball type games - sproutball and jailbreak.  Dodge. Duck. Dip. Dive. Dodge.


Instructor: Amann Woldeghebriel, EverAfter Associate and AmeriCorps Member

Wolfpack Sports: Ultimate

3:30-5:30, grade range: 5-8

*Wolfpack Sports are open only to Evergreen students, and dates may vary due to coordination with other schools.

This Co-ed Wolfpack Sport is an amazing source of cardio! Every week, we join Asheville Youth Ultimate at Memorial Stadium. Other participating schools include Asheville Middle, Rainbow Community, and Francine Delany.

Come join this growing sport! 

Coaches: Asheville Youth Ultimate staff, along with Evergreen Assciates Michael Kligerman and Sarah Johnson


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