Fall Clubs 2017 - Tuesdays

Tuesday clubs this Fall will begin on September 12th, and run eight consecutive Tuesdays to October 31st.

Lego Maniacs

3:45-4:45, grade range: K-3


Do you love to create with legos? Put together lego kits? Build, share, and get amazing ideas from your friends? If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, the Lego Maniac Club is for you. The familiar clink of legos will be heard around Evergreen in this fun-filled, inspirational club. Bring your own or use legos that are provided.  Kids will get a chance to share their creations and inspire each other as they use legos to design their own creations and/or use pre-designed kits. Our final product will be a creation of lego videos that you will be able to watch on You Tube from the comfort of your own home


Instructor: Heather Tate, Evergreen Kindergarten Teacher

Kiddo Craft Club

3:45-4:45, grade range: K-2


"Each of us are full of brilliant and inventive ideas, so come play and create in Kiddo Craft Club!

In this club, we will let our imaginations soar as we make a different type of fun art project every week using a wide variety of materials. Each kiddo will have the opportunity to tap into their inner artist and craft their own unique instruments, costumes, pet rocks, puppets and more!


Instructor: Juliana Beegan, Evergreen Kindergarten Associate



3:45-4:45, grade range: 1-5


When you join the chess club, you will learn how the pieces move, special moves like check, checkmate, and castling, strategies for how to begin a game, how to win a game, and how to have fun doing all of this! Chess will help you to learn how to think better, and just may make you smarter! You will get to play chess with the other club members, and study real life games and work on chess puzzles. You can even play in tournaments!


Instructor: Bruce Roth, Asheville area chess master


Creative Connections Art Club

3:45-4:45, grade range: 3-5

Cost is $140

Students will be innovative by using the elements of art to draw connections to the world around them. They will create 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional Mixed-Media works with things we find in nature, such as, leaves, rocks, sticks and feathers. They will also use recyclable or easily thrown away items that can be found around the house to create unique works of art.


Instructor: Amanda Cloyd, Evergreen Summer Adventures associate and art educator

Mountain Biking

3:45-5:15, grade range: 3-6


*This Adventure Team club has a cost of $180 for ECCS students, $200 for others. 

*beginner & intermediate levels*


Little shredders have to start somewhere.  Bring your energy to us and let’s feed the desire to keep building skills and challenging our comfort zones.  We will watch motivational videos of kid rippers and ride the beginner loop of our pump track.  If your skills progression checks out, you will be riding our trails in no time.


Instructors: Doug White, Evergreen Adventure Coordinator and Emily Boykin, Evergreen 6th grade associate

Cool Runnings

3:45-4:45, grade range: 4-8

Club cost is $140 and runs 7 weeks from Sept 12-Oct 24

Stamina, strength & technique. In Cool Runnings club, we will be training for a the 5k!! This will be a seven week club, culminating with participants taking part in the Eagle Run 5k (which supports ADHD awareness) at Carrier Park on Saturday, October 21st. In order to prepare, we will run on Evergreen's field, trails, and nearby Owen Park. We will also be talking about the benefits of running as well as our Personal Records!. Don't forget a water bottle!

Instructor: Michael Kligerman, Evergreen 4th Grade Associate

Wolfpack Sports: Flag Football

3:30-5:30, grade range: 5-8

*Wolfpack Sports are open only to Evergreen students, and dates may vary due to coordination with other schools. This 2-day Wolfpack sport is a Tuesday & Thursday commitment and has a cost of $200.


Come learn the basics of America's most popular sport without the dangers of the traditional setting. The format for Wolfpack Football this year includes 5th graders and middle schoolers, and the season will start with tryouts and placements for a JV and a Varsity. Specific schedule to be sent to those that that sign up. Read more about our league at http://hospitalityleague.weebly.com/

Coaches: Kevin Smith and TBD

To sign up, use the Registration page. To see clubs on other days, use the menu above.