Fall Clubs 2017 - Wednesdays

Wednesday clubs this Fall will begin on September 13th, and run eight Wednesdays to November 8th. There is no meeting on October 18th, which has a Fall Family Night event at Evergreen.


3:45-4:45 grade range: K-3


Each week we crank up the music and set up stations of trampoline, basic tumbling, low beams, rings, balance boards, and strength training. 


Instructor: TBD

Little Gardeners

3:45-4:45, grade range: K-3


The Little Gardeners Club is designed to educate, as well as excite students to garden and care for the soil. Each child will learn about how plants grow, where their food comes from, and how to use those plants to make yummy food! Get your kids excited about healthy food and getting their hands dirty! 


Instructor: Lauren McTigue, EverAfter Associate


Lights! Camera! IMPROV!

3:45-5:15, grade range: 3-6


Calling all actors, hams and anyone who enjoys using their imagination to entertain others. This time around, we'll focus on the art of improvisation - a form of live theater in which scenes are made up spontaneously in the moment. We'll play fun improv games both old and new and at the last class, entertain our after-school and family audience. Improv teaches things like thinking on your feet, working with others and much more - skills that go beyond the classroom into academic and everyday life. Also, it's just plain fun!


Instructor: Pam Hecht, EverAfter Associate

Adventure Skills Club

3:45-4:45, grade range: 3-8

*This Adventure Team club has a cost of $130 for ECCS students, $150 for others.

How do you define adventure? In this club, we will explore what adventure is, how to prepare, and why we adventure in the first place. Join up and you will be setting up top notch shelters, making fire without matches or lighters, moving and blending in with nature, cooking outdoors, and understanding the principles of Leave No Trace (LNT).


This is a great opportunity to learn basic to advanced outdoor skills based on your level of adventuring.


Instructor: Doug White, Evergreen Adventure Coordinator

Finkletones: Beginning Guitar

3:45-5:15, grade range: 4-8

Cost is $150


Each Wednesday, we welcome Josh Finkler of the Finkletones. Lessons in technique, tuning, the names of strings, melody, chords, strumming, a dash of music theory and likely some other guitar tricks! If you have your own guitar, great! If you need to borrow one, there will be several (three) available in class.  


Instructor: Josh Finkler, Owner and Founder of Finkletones School of Music

Wolfpack Sports: Ultimate

3:30-5:30, grade range: 5-8

Cost is $145

*Wolfpack Sports are open only to Evergreen students, and dates may vary due to coordination with other schools.

This Co-ed Wolfpack Sport is an amazing source of cardio! Every week, we join Asheville Youth Ultimate at Memorial Stadium. Other participating schools may include Asheville Middle, Rainbow Community, and Francine Delany. http://ashevilleultimate.org/youth

Come join this growing sport! 

Coach: Michael Kligerman, Evergreen 4th Grade Associate

To sign up, use the Registration page. To see clubs on other days, use the menu above.