Extended Day Care

EverAfter offers an extension of our normal daily care on all noon dismissal days (don’t confuse this with Evergreen's regular Monday 1:35 dismissal), as well as most non-holiday no-school days. We require advance sign-ups for these days. This helps us adequately plan for staffing and special activities. Some special activities may be organized and posted on the schedule below, and/or communicated through regular EverAfter emails. The sign up form is on the Registration page.


Evergreen noon dismissal days: $20

*most ECCS noon dismissal days do not line up with ACS and BCS early release days; regular daily fees will apply on these days for students from other schools that come to us at their regular time.


All day care: $48 

*some ECCS non-school days line up with ACS and/or BCS; when they do, signup is needed for students coming from those schools, but when they don't, regular daily fees will apply on these days for students from other schools that come to us at their regular time.

**Evergreen parents needing care just for the length of conferences (90 minutes or less) on conference days can sign up in advance for $5, or drop in for $8.

Note: Due to past difficulties, if your child attends EverAfter on an Extended Care day, and you did not sign them up in advance, a $10 surcharge will be added to the cost of the day's attendance. If your child does not attend on a day they were signed up for, you will still be charged. It is the parent's responsibility to keep up with their Extended Day Care sign-up form, the edit link for which can be found in the confirmation email received after initial submission. If your child turns up sick on a day they were signed up, please notify us the day of so that we don't charge you.


Noon Dismissal days follow the same check-in and parent sign-out procedure as regular daily care days. For all day care days, parents must come into the gym (or alternate location) to sign in and speak with an EverAfter staff member when dropping off. The pickup procedure is described on the Daily Care page. All Day Care is open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m (maybe a few minutes earlier upon request!)

EverAfter Extended Day dates for 2019-2020:

  • coming soon!

The signup form will be on the registration page.

A note for participants that come from Buncombe County Schools:

The following dates are scheduled early release days for Buncombe County Schools, and thus EverAfter cannot offer transportation:

Sept 17, Oct 17, Jan 17, Feb 19, Mar 13, Apr 30, and May 29.

On these dates, students are welcome to be dropped off as soon as EverAfter is open (1:30 on a Monday, 2:30 Tues-Fri). Keep in mind, this will be the case on a number of club meeting dates. This will also apply any time BCS dismisses early for inclement weather but EverAfter does not.

Additionally, EverAfter is not open on Labor Day, Memorial Day, or during Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring breaks.

The following dates the BCS is closed are included in EverAfter's All Day Care schedule, and can be signed up for using the Extended Day Signup Form:

Nov 11, Jan 20 (as holidays, these days will require minimum attendance in order for EverAfter to be open).

Just as with early release days, other dates that BCS is closed for but EverAfter is open a regular schedule, students are welcome to be dropped off as soon as EverAfter is open


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