UPDATE: we are currently freezing new enrollments pending the filling of several open staff positions.

EverAfter Registration

Pricing for 2021-2022
EverAfter Program Registration Form


This is the first step in EverAfter participation. One form per student is required. After filling out and submitting this form, you will pay your registration in MyPaymentsPlus. The registration cost is $35/one child or $55/multiple children.

Winter Clubs 2021-2022 Sign-up

The sign-up period for Winter Clubs has ended. Feel free to check out the Winter Clubs summary and descriptions pages to see what you may have missed! Spring club signups will start around mid-February.

2022 Ski & Snowboard Club Sign-up

Sign-up for this is over!

Extended Day Signup

Make sure to read the Extended Day Care section of the Daily Care page before making your extended day plans. To amend a previous submission, please use the edit link from the confirmation email. If you cannot find the link, please email James. Don't fill out a new one if you already have one this year. (The form won't let you anyway!)


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Paying for EverAfter:

    • Evergreen has migrated to a new billing system, MyPaymentsPlus.

    • If you're registering for EverAfter for 2021-2022 but do not yet have a MyPaymentsPlus account, use these instructions for creating a MyPaymentsPlus account, but be sure to also use the program registration form to register your child.

    • If you're having trouble trying to figure out how to pay registration through MyPaymentsPlus, please click here.

    • EverAfter attendance fees with associated due dates will be added to accounts weekly, on Mondays usually, for fees covering the previous week, with automatic email notices coming from MyPaymentsPlus. 

    • There is not a sign-up process for daily care, but fees must be paid by the due dates in order to continue service.

    • EverAfter club fees will be added to MyPaymentsPlus accounts upon the conclusion of club enrollment periods, also with automatic email notices from MyPaymentsPlus.

Other forms for students that join EverAfter from other schools - 

Other forms needed for certain clubs these are not updated for 2021 yet!

  • Evergreen Adventure Activities Release

  • Skateboard Club Waivers

  • Medieval Swordplay club waiver