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Unfortunately, the closure of NC public schools means that EverAfter Spring Clubs won't be happening this year. Fell free to check out how awesome it would have been!

The EverAfter newsletter dated 4/1 contains an explanation of fees and refunds.

Exact dates for each club can be found on the descriptions pages, which are organized by day of the week. Use these links to view those pages: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Below you can see the schedule in weekly form, as we all prices for all clubs.

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[this means soccer]

Spring Clubs 2020 include:

(grade levels in parenthesis)

New Clubs 

  • School of Rock (3-6)

  • Disc Golf (5-8)

  • Wolfpup Football (3-5)

  • Theater Arts and Playwriting (3-6)

  • Art and Science (K-2) FULL

  • Pitch Invaders (K-2) [this means soccer!]

  • Earth Skills (K-2)

EverAfter Staples:

  • Yoga (K-3)

  • I'd Rather Be Fishing (4-8)

  • Swordplay (3-8)

  • PUSH Your Limits (4-8)

  • Balloon Brigade (2-6)

  • Se Habla Español (K-2)

  • Lego Maniacs (K-3)

  • Gymnastics (K-3)FULL

  • Checkmate (1-5)

  • Beatsaber Bonanza (4-8)

  • Wolfpup Home Runs for Days (3-5)


Wolfpack Sports:

  • Soccer (5-8) FULL

  • Ultimate Frisbee (5-8) FULL

EverAfter Adventures:

  • Mountain Biking

    • Beginners (K-3)​FULL

    • Intermediate (3-6)

    • Advanced (4-8)

  • Climbing Wall (K-8)

  • Adventure Flight (4-8)

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