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Winter Clubs 2019-2020: Tuesday

Tuesday clubs this Winter will begin on December 3rd, and run eight Tuesdays to February 4th. There are no meetings during Winter Break.

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Lego Maniacs

3:45-4:45, grade range: K-3

This club has a cost of $150

Do you love to create with legos? Put together lego kits? Build, share, and get amazing ideas from your friends? If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, the Lego Maniac Club is for you. The familiar clink of legos will be heard around Evergreen in this fun-filled building club! Kids will get a chance to share their creations and inspire each other as they use legos to design their own creations and/or use pre-designed kits. By the end of the session, each participant will assemble, and keep, a couple of simple kits!


Instructor: Heather Tate, Evergreen Kindergarten Teacher

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Sketch Masters

4:00-5:00, grade range: K-2


Learn step by step how to draw! We will have different themes each week of things to draw (animals, cars, etc.) and use different art medium to bring color to our artwork. 


Instructor: Brittany York, Evergreen Kindergarten Associate


20 sided die.jpg

Dungeons & Dragons

4:00-5:00, grade range: 4-8


Interested in travel? Adventure? Risking life and limb for the chance of fame and epic loot? Then Dungeons and Dragons is the game for you! Join a team of like-minded individuals in the world's greatest role-playing game where you'll have the chance to battle monsters, find treasure, and maybe rescue a princess or two. D&D combines all the best aspects of cooperative problem-solving, quick-draw math skills, and exercising the power of imagination rolled into one awesome session of storytelling.


Instructor: Michelle Herndon, EverAfter Associate


snow biking_edited.jpg

Adventure Team: Burley Bikers

4:00-5:30, grade range: 3-8

This Adventure Team club has a cost of $180 

There’s no such thing as too cold, just not enough layers.Are you burly enough for biking in the snow? In the cold? In the dark? Bundle up & get ready for Evergreen’s first Winter Mountain Biking Club. We’ll jump, weave, dodge. We’ll hit the trails, ride the berms, and if it gets dark….headlamps!

Instructor: Michael Kligerman, Evergreen 4th Grade Associate and Resident Ice-shredder

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Wolfpack Sports: Basketball

3:45-5:30, grade range: 7-8 FULL

Tuesday and Thursday commitment required. 2-day sports have a cost of $205.


Wolfpack Sports are open only to Evergreen students, and dates and times may vary due to coordination with other schools. Specific schedule to be sent to those that that sign up.

​Evergreen Wolfpack Basketball competes with the schools in The Hospitality League, and we supplement the schedule with games with a few other area schools. There's room for any skill or experience level! Specific schedules and team information will be sent to those that sign up.

Coaches: Emily Boykin and Jeff Armstrong, Resident Evergreen Dime-droppers

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