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Be More.

EverAfter Clubs are our showpiece. They are where students discover their talents, passions, and everything in between.  


EverAfter Clubs and Sports

Daily Care is our backbone, but EverAfter Clubs is the showpiece. Aligned roughly with Evergreen’s academic trimesters, we organize new club offerings in the fall, winter, and spring. Clubs are organized by day of the week, and typically last for eight weeks. The fall session typically starts a week after Labor Day, Winter in the first week of December, and Spring in the middle of March. Most clubs, like the rest of the EverAfter program, are open to all elementary and middle school-aged children. 


Wolfpack Sports and EverAfter Adventures are offered as part of EverAfter Clubs. For more information, use the menu above.


All of these special activities are extensions of the EverAfter daily program. Kids signed up for clubs participate in the daily routine (see the Daily Care page!), but split off from the rest of their age group to participate, and then rejoin the group once the club is over. While activity times are listed with club descriptions, they are approximate and may differ slightly from week to week. Also note that participating students are welcome to stay until EverAfter closes at 6:00 P.M.


On club days, parents do not pay a daily fee; the full cost of attendance for those days is covered by the club fee. Unless otherwise noted, clubs meet 8 times. Pickup procedures also follow the policies as described on the FAQ page.

The cost of most 8-week EverAfter Clubs for the 2023-2024 school year is $170. Wolfpack Sports, Adventure Team, and a few others have different costs specific to the activities; please read their descriptions carefully.


Before signing up for clubs, students must first be registered for the program, and parents must be in good standing with the Evergreen Business Office.

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