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Let Adventure Evolve.

Evergreen is where learning is an adventure, and therefore it is through adventure that learning happens. 

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EverAfter Adventures

Please note: we have not done anything with the rest of this page since Spring 2020. We are currently hoping to bring back as many of our previously-run adventures clubs as we can, but that remains firmly in the "hope" category. 

The information on this page reflects Adventure Team clubs that we have run in the past, as well as an overview of why we run them. 

Evergreen is where learning is an adventure, and therefore it is through adventure that learning happens. Adventure Programming at Evergreen is evolving. It is being created and defined by the individuals choosing to participate as part of the crew. The foundation of our program is RESPECT: Respect for Self, Respect for Others, and Respect for the Environment.


Our focus through Evergreen Adventure Programming is to plant, water, weed, and nurture the seeds of youth leadership, confidence, respect, responsibility, acceptance, reflection, and to grow the minds, bodies, and spirits of these young people.


Inspire: We will do our best to inspire these young people to safely go above and beyond their perceived limitations.They will inspire us to do the same.


Educate: We will do our best to teach them the necessary skills to safely and competently participate and succeed in their adventures of choice. We will also allow them to fail. They will teach us that young people are more resilient and far more capable than we think...and so are adults.


Reflect: We will do our best to create an intentional space for students to reflect upon and derive meaning from their experiences. They will give us the all the material we need to reflect upon and derive meaning our experiences.


The WHY of it all is because the harvest of all of our futures hinges on the kind of people these kids become. Who’s on board?

Thanks so much to all of our Adventure Program sponsors :

Registration and sign up for Adventure Team clubs happens through EverAfter club cycles in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Below is a description of each club that we are currently offering or have offered.

Mountain Biking

Beginner & Intermediate

3-6 grade


Little shredders have to start somewhere.  Bring your bike to us and let’s feed the desire to keep building skills and challenging our comfort zones.  We will watch motivational videos of kid rippers and ride the beginner loop of our pump track.  If your skills progression checks out, you will be carving freshies on our trails in no time! 

*Our specialized brand bikes are sized Small to XL. If ours don't fit you, bring your bike and helmet from home.

Advanced Mountain Bike Team

Intermediate/advanced riding levels

 4-8 grade

Hard work pays off. Once you’ve put in the sweat equity of riding hard and fixing flats and you have demonstrated your competence in completing the beginner and intermediate ECCS mountain bike progressions- we are ready to bring you to the harder trails and work on the advanced progression checklist. We intend to travel off campus for most club sessions. Given the advanced nature of this club, we will spend the first club session on campus assessing your skills and ability to follow directions.

Ropes Course Club

4-6 grade 

So you like a good challenge? We do too. Our Beanstalk Forest is designed to cultivate the curiosity of inner strength and goal-setting. By playing around in the trees, our young adventurers take healthy risks and transfer the lessons to their lives. For the motivated climber, our leaders can even support your ropes course guide certification  (belay-certification is a prerequisite).  This is one of Evergreen’s hardest certifications to earn.

Adventure Mix-n-Match for 1st - 3rd Graders

1-3 grade

Do you like bikes...and climbing...and making fires...but you can't choose which club to sign up for? Sign up for this first ever Adventure Mix-n-Match and experience all of these awesome activities. You will get two weeks of climbing, two weeks of biking, two weeks of wilderness skills, and two weeks of surprise adventure activities. *Club participants must provide their own bikes for biking days.

Adventure Flight Club

4-8 grade

Take flight into the world of adventure and sign up for this first ever Adventure Flight Club 4-8 and experience all of our awesome adventure activities. Do you like bikes...and climbing...and the ropes course...and making fires...but you can't choose which club to sign up for? This package gives you two weeks of climbing, two weeks of biking, two weeks of the ropes course, and two weeks of wilderness skills! *Weather and daylight will determine which weeks for which activities.

Wilderness Skills and Fire Making 

3-6 grade

This club will focus on everyone's favorite part of being in nature: FIRE. We will learn how to responsibly make fire using everything from flint & steel to bow drill to good ol' matches.  We will also learn about knife use and safety, shelter building, tarpology (use and set up of tarps) and knots...lots of knots.


Climbing Club

All ages & all ability levels


Let's get crack-a-lackin' and climb the walls! Build confidence and learn the basics to rock climbing and wall climbing. Through care, compassion, and little bit of grit you will see that each week your goals become more attainable. Not only will you be climbing the walls, you will also participate in skills workshops, get familiar with gear names and uses, and if you really wanna get scrilla, learn how to belay.  

Ski Snowboard Club

Winter session only


Ever go to bed watching the weather channel and hoping for that blizzard to blow through Western North Carolina? Yeah, we get that. The ski and snowboard club is only open to Evergreeners and their families at this time, largely due to logistics. We'll assess your skills to ensure you can start and stop, control their body on the mountain, and demonstrate an awareness of other skiers/snowboarders.  If need be, private lessons are available at additional cost and tailored to the student’s abilities and learning style. Ultimately, this club is your ticket to untouched powder, the sick trail runs, and honing your terrain park skills. The best part is, you'll be shredding alongside your best buddies!  

For information on our 2019 session, click here!

Advanced Climbing:  

Open to 4th-8th graders

Feel like learning more about climbing technique, setting routes, knots, and different gear? Then this is the club for you! We will learn by practicing new skills, reading knotwork & rock guidebooks as well as watching both each other climb & short films of world class climbers. We also plan on going to Climax Climbing Gym once or twice to experience other climbing options in the area. Though helpful, being Belay Certified is not a requirement. Advanced Climbing is for students who have experience climbing and want to get to the next level!

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