Hit the slopes.

Can you hear it? Feel it? Taste it? Smell it? That's the sound, feel, taste, and smell of fresh snow and freshly greased ski lifts.

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Ski and Snowboard Club

This page currently displays information from the 21-22 school year. While we do plan to run the club again in 22-23, we do not have updated information at this time. When we do, it will be shared not only here but also via Evergreen's weekly parent newsletter, The Scoop.

Evergreen’s updated Ski and Snowboard Club 3.0 will be returning once again to the legendary Cataloochee Ski Area in Maggie Valley! 

Let's get started:

  • If you are planning to sign up for Ski and Snowboard club, please do not sign up for other Monday EverAfter Winter Clubs. You need to be registered for EverAfter to sign up for the Ski and Snowboard Club.

  • The Ski and Snowboard Club is $325. This cost includes a Cataloochee weekday/night season pass.

  • Because of the 1 p.m. start time, and our agreement with Cataloochee, this club is only open to current Evergreen students.

  • Interested in buying Cataloochee season passes but not joining the club? Or in buying passes for other household members  not taking part in the club? Skip to the bottom of this page. 

    • While only Evergreen students can be in the club, any member of the household is eligible for the group rate season passes.

Who is eligible to go?

Evergreen third to eighth grade students (and parents who plan to chaperone) are welcome to join this club. Parents who wish to bring their younger children can get approval – please speak to Doug White. If you are in K, first, or second grade and want to join, a parent MUST accompany you to the slopes each and every club session (to help contain your awesomeness of course).

What are the costs?

  • ​$325 (includes 6 club meetings in January and February, plus your Weekday/Night season pass to Cataloochee)​

  • ​Weekday/night passes can be used any non-holiday, M-F day or twilight, all nights (including holidays) from 6pm-10pm ​

  • Parents can get a $40 discount on one child’s club fee by committing to be part of the carpooling effort on at least three of the six planned club dates

What are the club dates and times?

The club always starts in January. ​This year's dates: January 10th, January 24th, January 31st, February 7th, February 14th, and February 28th. Potential make-up dates are March 7th and 14th. We leave Evergreen campus at 1:00pm, get off the slopes at 4:30pm and return by approximately 6:00pm. Many folks organize regular carpools to bypass returning to school and meet somewhere close to the family's home instead.

​Interested in a different Cataloochee season pass for you child along with their club enrollment?

Upgrade to the Limited Season Pass for $510 (usable any time except Saturdays 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

or the Unlimited for $585 (really absolutely truly usable any time the slopes are open!).

Before you commit to an entire season:

Please be certain you are fully invested in this. If you are a first-time skier or snowboarder, we recommend that you go first with your family and decide. If the slopes open early enough, purchasing a one-day lift ticket, rental, and lesson is a recommended beginner practice before registering.  


What gear do I need?

The club requires students to provide and wear their own gear. This includes a ski/snowboard helmet, gear (either skis or snowboard/bindings), their personal season pass, and appropriate clothing. Club participants keep these through the season. Please know that this club can be an expensive one, but there are certainly ways to make it more affordable. See below for affordability and equipment questions.

This club also requires additional parent chaperones in order to make it all happen safely and smoothly.​ We NEED adult chaperones to run this club. Please consider being a chaperone who drives kids and gear, stays in the lodge, and/or enjoys the slopes. All of these jobs are necessary for the club to happen. To show our appreciation for monitoring students on the slopes, we are permitted a limited number of season passes at the same discounted price for our chaperones, and we will also apply a $40 discount on the club fees at the time of sign up. A chaperone is someone who can be present on three or more club dates. Chaperoning does not require the purchase of a pass, though having extra adults on the mountain does help! Chaperones also help with organizing events and expanding the club opportunities. 
NOTE: On this year's interest form, A LOT of people expressed interest in chaperoning. While that is super fantastically awesome, it does also mean that at some point during sign-ups we might stop taking additional chaperones.

What if I cannot afford a season pass?

If you cannot afford that commitment we suggest going as a family one day that the club is going. You can purchase individual passes and rentals right there at the mountain. You can still enjoy the slopes with Evergreen peers. Parents are required if you are not officially with the club.  


Why purchase a season pass?

Evergreen organizes the drivers and logistics to get our club to and from the mountain. Sometimes we have 70+ students and 15+ chaperones enjoying the slopes on a given club day. The season pass ensures that logistics are handled in advance and folks can immediately jump on the mountain upon arrival. In addition, many Evergreen groups go to the resort on Friday nights and snow days to make use of the pass. To be officially in the school sponsored club, students need to have a season pass purchased through Evergreen Community Charter School.


Inclement weather

Ready for irony? If there is enough inclement weather forecasted for the mountain roads, we cannot promote families to drive in risky conditions. On these Mondays, expect us to not officially run as a club. Make-up sessions will be scheduled if possible, but there is no guarantee. Families that are affected by a day-of cancellation (after 9AM) are welcome to stay in EverAfter for the day, free of charge. If sessions are missed due to weather, we can make them up on either of the two scheduled makeup days. But remember, that season pass is good regardless of whether or not Evergreen's club is going!

How do I sign up and when is the deadline?

There is a Ski and Snowboard sign up form is on the Registration page, which will be available by 5PM Thursday November 4th. To sign up for the club, participating students must be registered for EverAfter for the 2021-2022 school year. The sign up window for the club begins November 4th and ends at 6PM November, 19th. 

The sign-up form offers two options for the club:

  • Sign at least one child up for EverAfter Ski and Snowboard Club BUT NOT purchase additional Cataloochee passes

  • Sign at least one child up for EverAfter Ski and Snowboard club AND ALSO buy other Cataloochee season passes for other family members

The amount due will be quoted on the Ski and Snowboard Club Sign-up Form. One payment to cover all Ski and Snowboard Club fees and any additional season passes is due NO LATER THAN 9AM MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd. This is payable in MyPaymentsPlus under Events and Activities.

Please note: because season passes will be purchased by Evergreen, all of your Evergreen accounts must be up to date. We cannot buy passes for people that owe the school money for other things. Sign-up confirmations will be sent out automatically upon submission of the sign up form. Payment confirmations will be sent by Doug White on November 16th and again on November 22nd. We are only permitted to make one transaction to the mountain: no early passes and no late registrations. Passes will be purchased November 22nd with a view towards being able to be redeemed at Cataloochee Wednesday the 24th. After 9AM November 22nd, changes or refunds cannot be guaranteed.


Where should I go for equipment?

Students provide their own equipment for this club. While renting from Cataloochee is possible, it is discouraged because it takes away a lot of time from actually being on the mountain. Additionally, kids that have their own can work on tightening and adjusting at home and can come ready to ski or snowboard. Equipment can be expensive though, so before you think about buying new equipment try looking on Craigslist, eBay, iWanna, etc. for used items. Ski Country Sports rents skis for the entire season, and has great discounts if you are purchasing this year.

Ski Country Sports (in Asheville) discounts

Bring your Evergreen pickup placard to be eligible for the following:

(and make sure to thank Kenny and his staff for their support of our program!)

  • 5% on hard goods (ski, snowboard, bindings, boots, poles)

  • 10% on soft goods and accessories  

  • $120 on junior season ski rentals (based on shoe size 6.5 and smaller)

  • $175 on adult season ski rentals

  • $250 on performance adult ski rentals (upgraded skis and boots have limited availability​)

Want a sweet deal on season passes but don't want to join the club? 

You may use the sign-up form and choose “sign up for Cataloochee season passes but not take part in the club.”

  • Night/Weekday passes are $225

  • Limited passes are $410

  • Unlimited passes are $485

  • This group rate is only available to current Evergreen students and their immediate families. 

The sign up form will be available on the Registration Page by 5PM Thursday November 4th, due as noted above and payable only through MyPaymentsPlus.