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Providing holistic care and enrichment, EverAfter is an extension of Evergreen, sharing the same principles and values. Our program mission is to provide a safe and engaging environment for students to grow individually and within our community.

UPDATE: At this time, we will most likely NOT have a Fall Clubs session in 2021. We are still trying to fill multiple staff positions for daily care, and thus cannot take on the extra kids that a clubs session brings. Hopefully, we will be able to have a longer Winter and/or Spring session this school year. Registration is also on hold while we attempt to meet our staffing needs.

Please beware, however, that some of our website still reflects where we were on March 13th, 2020. We will be updating throughout the summer. However, as of now, you may fill out the 2021-2022 Registration form. Please read our Relaunch Statement first!


Providing holistic care and enrichment, EverAfter is an extension of Evergreen, sharing the same principles and values. Our program mission is to provide a safe and engaging environment for students to grow individually and within our community.

What we offer:  

  • Daily, drop-in child care from 2:30 until 6:00 PM (1:30-6:00 on Mondays) on all ECCS regular school days.

  • Transportation from area schools, depending on enrollment.

  • Child care on all ECCS noon dismissal and most non-school weekdays.

  • Three sessions of EverAfter Clubs each school year.  

  • Interscholastic sports with other local, alternative-education schools.

  • A highly-qualified, caring staff of instructors.


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