Winter Clubs 2021-2022 - Full  Descriptions


Freeze Tag, You're It! 

Mondays: 2nd-3rd Grade, 4:00-5:00

Tuesdays: Kindergarten-1st Grade, 4:00-5:00

If you don't want winter stopping your child from running around outside, sign them up for this! Just like with the Winter biking club, there's no such thing as too cold, just not enough layers*. Each week that the weather allows, we'll continue with our favorite tag games club with Ms. Liz! We may postpone a week here or there if the weather is truly untenable, but short of that, bundle up!

(*Yes, we will make sure your child has enough layers.) 

Instructor: Liz Huesemann, Evergreen EC Staff and Master Cat-herder

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Adventures in Art

Mondays - Kindergarten-2nd grade, 4:00-5:00

We’ll explore many types of art, all hands on, all will be super fun! Kiddo input will be requested - bring your best ideas!!. We’ll definitely do some painting, drawing, clay, collage, seasonal crafts (yay winter!) and other things that present themselves as we go along! Join us for a lot of fun every Monday - can’t wait to see everyone and get started!

Instructor: Kay Cole, Evergreen EC Associate


Climbing Club

Wednesdays - Kindergarten-8th Grade, 3:45-5:15*

This Adventure Team club has a cost of $75/3-week session


*All ages & all ability levels*


Climb our indoor wall with us!

Build confidence and learn the basics to rock climbing and wall climbing.

Through care, compassion, and little bit of grit you will see that each week your goals become more attainable. Kids generally have a natural inclination to scurry up trees, poles and furniture. We might as well gear them up and teach them how to do it with style points. Strong-willed & timid kids alike get to show their autonomy, confidence, and perseverance.

*Please note: due to anticipated demand, and in order to get more kids on the wall, we are breaking this club into three 3-week sessions. The first session will be Dec 1, 8 and 15. Second will be Jan 5, 12, and 19. The final session will be Jan 26, Feb 2, and Feb 9. Your child will be placed into only one of these sessions; we will place each child after sign-ups conclude so that we can organize by age, climbing experience, etc. 

Instructors: Ethan Rhodus and Maggie Rumley, Associate Teachers and Evergreen's Top Ropers

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Mondays - 1st-8th Grades, 2:00-3:00


When you join the chess club, you will learn how the pieces move, special moves like check, checkmate, and castling, strategies for how to begin a game, how to win a game, and how to have fun doing all of this! Chess will help you to learn how to think better, and just may make you smarter! You will get to play chess with the other club members, and study real life games and work on chess puzzles. You can even play in tournaments!


Instructor: Bruce Roth, Asheville area Chessmaster


Balloon Blowout

Tuesdays - 3rd-6th Grade, 4:00-5:00

This club requires extra materials that we don't just have lying around; as such, the cost is $165


Back by popular demand for a bonus Spring session!

Become a part of Evergreen's brand-new Balloon Brigade!  Whether you are an absolute beginner or an intermediate balloon twister, this club is for you.  Learn all the twists to create unique balloon animals, crazy hats, flowers, and so much more--including your own unique ideas.  Kids will construct their own "twister's apron" during the trimester and then practice twisting balloons to give away to other kids and adults!  Finally, they'll have the opportunity to join the Balloon Brigade--Evergreen's new team of entertainers who can twist with Mr. Kevin at future school events.  Kids keep all of their balloon gear at the end of the club.


Instructor: Kevin Thompson, Evergreen Twister-in-chief


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School of Rock

Thursdays- 3rd-5th Grades, 3:30-4:30

This is a club for beginners, kids wanting to learn the basics of guitar-playing and instrument care. Participating students will receive guitars to use for the duration of their participation in the programm and will be being asked to stop playing Stairway over and over again in no time!

Instructor: Brian Bickel, Evergreen Music Teacher and Riffer Extraordinaire.


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Drawing for Everyone

Thursdays - 5th-8th Grades, 4:00-5:00

Do you want to learn how to draw?  Yes, we all do!!  We will look to drawing videos from the internet to give us inspiration. Art videos are a great step to starting to draw on your own, and a lot of fun.  Students will have input on what they want to draw from videos, and after we draw, we’ll tweak the drawing to make it our own, and color with color pencils, watercolors or your choice of medium.  

Instructor: Kay Cole, Evergreen EC Staff and Certified Level 5 Sketchmaster

wolf tracks.jpg
Yearbook Clipart.jpg

Wolftracks Yearbook Crew

Tuesdays - 6th-8th Grades, 4:00-5:00

Be part of this year's yearbook team, from the planning phase all the way to the press! Participants will help with planning, photography and design. Yearbook Crew will meet on Tuesdays throughout the Winter Clubs session, and then as needed beyond. In the end, there will be a product that your friends will love and you can keep forever! Participants get a free yearbook.

Editor: Jean Reese, Evergreen Business Office