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Fall Clubs 2019:  Wednesday

Wednesday clubs this Fall begin September 11th, and run 8 Wednesdays to November 6th. There is not meeting on October 23rd, as this is a special event night at Evergreen. 


4:00-5:00, grade range: K-3

Each week we crank up the music and set up stations of trampoline, basic tumbling, low beams, rings, balance boards, and strength training, and more!


Instructor: EverAfter Staff



4:00-5:00, grade range: 1-5


When you join the chess club, you will learn how the pieces move, special moves like check, checkmate, and castling, strategies for how to begin a game, how to win a game, and how to have fun doing all of this! Chess will help you to learn how to think better, and just may make you smarter! You will get to play chess with the other club members, and study real life games and work on chess puzzles. You can even play in tournaments!


Instructor: Bruce Roth, Asheville area chess master


Adventure Team: Beginner's MTB

4:00-5:00, grade range: 1-3

This Adventure Team club has a cost of $165


Little shredders have to start somewhere! Once you have mastered the art of riding on 2 wheels we can start perfecting the art of mountain biking. Join us in building skills and challenging our comfort zones. We will play biking games, watch motivational videos of kid riders and ride the beginner loop of our pump track. If your skills progression checks out, you will be riding our trails in no time.


***Riders must be able to ride a bike without training wheels, and bring their own bike and helmet.

Instructor: Emily Boykin, Evergreen 6th Grade Associate

Adventures Logo - EA.png

Glorious Group Games

4:00-5:30, grade range: 2-5

Mr. Kevin's Glorious Group Games will get kids up and moving with group games like GaGa, Four Square, Hockey, Sprout Ball, Capture the Flag, and more. This club will build athletic skills, sportsmanship, team cooperation through friendly competition.  Each day begins with warm-up stretches and ends with a compliments circle.  Bring your running shoes and a positive attitude!


Instructor: Kevin Thompson, Evergreen 3rd Grade Associate


Wolfpack Sports: Ultimate Frisbee - Training Camp!

4:00-5:30, grade range: 5-8

NOTE: Wolfpack Sports are open only to Evergreen students, and dates may vary due to coordination with other schools.


Come join this growing sport! Unfortunately, the league we participate in has decided to only operate in the Spring session this year. We'll take it as an opportunity to have more a teaching-based session this Fall. We're going to be practicing our flicks, backhands and hammers oh my!  We will review plays and strategy, and put it to practice in scrimmages. Learn the rules, master the techniques. Grab a disc & head to the field!


Coach: Michael Kligerman, Evergreen Discmaster

Wolf logo green in words.png


4:00-5:00, grade range: 5-8

This club has a cost of $195

In this program we’ll explore the concept of balance through slacklining! Slacklining is something that everyone can learn to do – you don’t need to be a high performing athlete or a crazy circus person to learn how to balance. If you can walk you can balance, and if you can balance you can slackline. Each student will receive their own Slackline Skill Progression Guide at the start of class, and will be able to set their own goals for learning 25+ tricks with guidance & instruction from professional slackline instructors. Along with those slackline skills, we’ll also learn techniques for quieting the mind, cultivating one-pointed focus, and bringing balance into other aspects of your life. 


Program Benefits:
Learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun while doing it!

Improve your balance - physically, mentally, & emotionally

Enhance your focus, concentration, & body awareness

Build confidence & learn goal-setting strategies

Great cross training for student athletes


Instructor: Jesse Goldman, Slacklibrium,

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