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Winter Clubs 2019-2020: Monday

Monday clubs this Winter begin on December 2nd and run eight Mondays to February 24*. There are no meetings on January 6th or January 20th, nor during Winter Break. 

*The 8th session could end up being February 17th, if that day ends up being used as a snow make-up day for another day of the week.

Yoga Games: Wizards, Dragons and Hagrid!

​2:15-3:15 AND 3:30-4:30, grade range: K-3


Yoga is a wonderful way to open your child to the awareness of their place in the world. In this Harry Potter-themed yoga class, students will explore the first 5 books in the series (don’t worry, no spoilers!) Creative yoga movement, breath work, and mindfulness will be taught within a wizarding world of adventure.  Play games like Fluffy’s Treasure, Find Tom Riddle’s Diary, Dragon Tag, and Froggy Wizard. We will even create a Labyrinth! Through Harry Potter yoga, your child will use their imagination, develop strength, flexibility, self-confidence, balance, coordination, focus and discover the ability to feel calm. 

Instructor: Ms. Brandon Hudson, RCYT, E-RYT, MAT, is a yoga teacher, children’s yoga teacher, a children’s yoga teacher trainer, and a trained yoga therapist that has over 15 years' experience working with both children and adults.

Medieval Swordplay

2:15-3:15*, grade range: 3-8

*This club has a cost of $165


Join Asheville's growing swordplay community, and play fun new games created by students! Learn swordplay skills, honor, discipline, and teamwork! Each session this year we will specialize in teaching the tactics for a different gear set, such as swords, spears, or archery.


Instructor: Phil Ferguson,


Process Art

4:00-5:00, grade range: K-2

We will be continuing an exploration of Process Art by having fun exploring different ways to make art, including painting, paper craft and mixed media (Process art is all about the experience the children have while they’re creating. If it has a nice end product, that’s great, but the end product isn’t the focus of process art.)   We will be adding some Sculpey and Model Magic projects as well. Join us for something different every week, and learn some great ideas to explore at home!

Instructor: Kay Cole, Evergreen EC Associate


Beatsaber Bonanza

4:00-5:00, grade range: 4-8

At the crossroads of music, exercise, positive attitudes, virtual reality, and lightsabers, you will find Mr. Eli, the Beat-Jedi Master beckoning you to bring it. Young padawan, the rhythm is strong in you! Each week we'll don the VR Goggles, learning this exciting new technology by exploring the sensation of Beatsaber. Take up your sabers and rise to his challenge. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! 

Instructor: Eli Miller, EverAfter Associate


Adventure Team: Advanced Climbing

​4:00-5:30, grade range: 3-8

This club has a cost of $205

Feel like learning more about climbing technique, setting routes, knots, & different gear? Depending on interest, we can also teach how to belay. Then this club is for you! We will learn by practicing new skills, reading knotwork & rock guidebooks as well as watching both each other climb & short films of world class climbers. We also plan on going to Climbmax Climbing Gym & the climbing wall at Warren Wilson College to experience other climbing walls in the area.


Though helpful, being Belay Certified is not a requirement. Advanced Climbing is for students who have experience climbing and want to get to the next level!

Instructors: Michael Kligerman and Emily Boykin, Resident Evergreen Mountaineers


Wolfpack Sports: Basketball

4:00-5:30, grade range: 5-6

This Wolfpack Sport has a cost of $150

NOTE: Wolfpack Sports are open only to Evergreen students. Dates and times may vary due to coordination with other schools. Specific schedule to be sent to those that that sign up.

Basketball at Evergreen continues to grow in popularity! In order to continue offering team basketball to 5th and 6th grade, we have created a Monday team for those grades.


Coach: TBA

Wolf logo green in words.png
ECCS Ski and Snowboard Logo.jpg
Adventures Logo - EA.png

Adventure Team: Ski & Snowboard Club

1:00-6:00, grade range: 3-8

Starts in January!

Ski & Snowboard Club has a sign-up process separate from the rest of Winter Clubs.

For more information on Ski & Snowboard Club, see the Ski & Snowboard page.


Can't decide? Due to Evergreen's earlier Monday dismissal time, club times have been staggered to allow Evergreen students to choose between the following double options. Please be sure to heed grade ranges.

  • Yoga and Process Art- $170 (K-2nd)

  • Swordplay and Beatsaber Bonanza - $180/$200 (4th-8th)

  • Swordplay and Advanced Climbing - $250 (3rd-8th) (not compatible with 90 minute Swordplay)

  • Swordplay and Basketball- $200/$220 (5th-6th)

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