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Spring Clubs - 2018 Fridays

Friday clubs this Spring will begin on March 16th, and run eight Fridays to May 18th. 

*Mountain Biking will miss 5/4, and will now finish on May 25th.

Climbing Club

3:45-5:15, grade range: K-8


*This Adventure Team club has a cost of $160 for ECCS students, $180 for others.

*All ages & all ability levels*


Climb our indoor wall with us!

Build confidence and learn the basics to rock climbing and wall climbing.

Through care, compassion, and little bit of grit you will see that each week your goals become more attainable. Kids generally have a natural inclination to scurry up trees, poles and furniture. We might as well gear them up and teach them how to do it with style points. Strong-willed & timid kids alike get to show their autonomy, confidence, and perseverance.

Instructors: Doug White, Evergreen Adventure Coordinator and Michael Kligerman, 4th Grade Associate

Adventure Team: Beginner's Mountain Biking

3:45-5:15, grade range: K-2 FULL

*This Adventure Team club has a cost of $140 for ECCS students, $160 for others.

Little shredders have to start somewhere! Once you have mastered the art of riding on 2 wheels we can start perfecting the art of mountain biking. Join us in building skills and challenging our comfort zones. We will play biking games, watch motivational videos of kid riders and ride the beginner loop of our pump track. If your skills progression checks out, you will be riding our trails in no time.


***Riders must be able to ride a bike without training wheels, and bring their own bike and helmet.

Instructor: Emily Boykin, Evergreen 6th Grade Associate


3:45-5:15, grade range: 3-6

This class will focus mostly on learning the basics of jewelry making. This class is unique because the jewelry pieces are second hand or natural items. For example, we take apart and re-use jewelry that others might regard as broken or ugly and repurpose them. Donations are definitely welcome!

Instructor: Summer Zachary, EverAfter Associate

To sign up, use the Registration page. To see clubs on other days, use the menu above.
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