Winter Clubs 2018-2019


Friday clubs this Winter began on December 7th, will skip February 8th and 15th, and run eight Fridays to February 22nd. 

Climbing Club

3:45-5:15, grade range: K-8

*Cost: $165


*All ages & all ability levels*


Climb our indoor wall with us!

Build confidence and learn the basics to rock climbing and wall climbing.

Through care, compassion, and little bit of grit you will see that each week your goals become more attainable. Kids generally have a natural inclination to scurry up trees, poles and furniture. We might as well gear them up and teach them how to do it with style points. Strong-willed & timid kids alike get to show their autonomy, confidence, and perseverance.

Instructors: Doug White and Michael Kligerman, Evergreen Rope Wranglers

Bored Games

4:00-5:00, grade range: 3-8

Are you often bored on a Friday afternoon? Have to go to after school after a long week when you'd rather just go home? Break the boredom with board games with Eli! Play the classics, learn some new ones, even bring your favorite from home! Exact games will depend on who signs up.

Instructor: Eli Miller, EverAfter Associate and Board Game Enthusiast.

To sign up, use the Registration page. To see clubs on other days, use the menu above.


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