Parents of the Evergreen Wolfpack Football team,


The 2016 season is under way! We are very excited about the team this year, and hope to continue our tradition of having some fun, learning the game of football, and participating in a competitive environment that also demands good sportsmanship, cooperation, and respect for ourselves and our opponents.  At the end of the day, we expect to congratulate each other for our efforts and behavior on, and off, the field. 


We define the success of this team by the fun we have, our commitment, effort, consistent improvement, attitudes toward ourselves, our team, our opponents, and finally, our win/loss record.  Please help us exemplify this attitude on the sidelines.  


Practice will continue to take place every Tuesday and Thursday for the duration of the season.  Practices begin at 3:45 and wrap up by 5:30. All games will begin at 4:15. We will hand out the paper format of September schedule, but please see the website for updated schedules.  Paper copies tend to become outdated quickly.


At this point, we are dedicating our time to creating a team, learning the game, and practicing new skills.


Home games are usually done by 5:30. 

We’ll strive to return from away games by 5:45. 

Parents need to sign students out of EverAfter before leaving the Evergreen field.  If you plan to take your child home from an away game, we would prefer to know in advance.  We also need to make eye contact with you before you leave an away game. 


Players are required to bring the appropriate gear for practice and games. Jerseys will be handed out at the first game. The cost to replace a jersey is $20.00. Please air dry the jerseys to prevent the lettering from coming off. Again, please do not put the jerseys in the dryer as it will greatly reduce the lifespan of the shirt.  All players should have a water bottle. Students who show up to a game without a mouth guard or team jersey will not be able to participate.


We will need drivers to transport our team as the Evergreen buses aren’t available. Please let us know if you’re able to drive as soon as possible.  Additionally, we can always use referees, timekeepers, and photographers!  Let us know if you can help in any of those capacities. 


On behalf of coaches Kevin Smith, Jamal Jabali, and Tony Mele, we look forward working with this great group of kids. We’re already super proud of all that they have accomplished and we’re eager to apply the skills we’ve been working on. Hope to see you all there! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Kevin Smith

Tony Mele